• Evmorfos Kasinakis

Project "Let’s record together"

On Monday,March 23rd ,a very interesting and creative project began , titled “Let’s record together”

What is the purpose of this project? First of all ,I want everyone who participates to express his creativity. All of us , we have a creative mood inside us. Some of us are songwriters,some of us compose music (orchestral,electronic , etc) some of us do covers and uploads them on YouTube and some of us just want to record a karaoke track. Anything we do , is very creative.

In this project , I invite anyone who wants to create from the beginning a song and produce it together.

What is the process? First of all , you have to write a song ,or compose a piece of may already have a song written or more. That’s fine! I fyou don’t ,though, you have to write one. Maybe you want to do a cover of a song , or compose as I said , a piece of music. Anything!

Once you have your song written, we are ready to start recording! You record in your home studio and I will help you all the way , whenever you need me.The arrangement nad which instruments you are going to use , it’s up to you , but if you want my help ,or my opinion ,just ask me! Besides that we are going to have daily contact via e-mails ,videos exclusive for you ,participating in this project.

When recording phase is over, we are going to mix the songs. In this phase you can send me all the multitracks of your song and we can work on your mix together,so we can get the best sounding result.

When our song is ready,then we are going to start promoting our songs. We are going to release our songs digital ,and your song will be available for streaming in all free digital music stores, like I tunes , Apple music, Spotify , Google music and many more. We are going to do a lot of creative work here too.

This project is an opportunity to create and complete one or more of your songs.

The only thing you have to do ,is to apply for the project ,totally FREE here

I will be very glad to see you in our team!

Created by FM_STUDIO
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