• Evmorfos Kasinakis

Pomodoro technique in your home studio

We have so many issues to deal with our everyday life, and proper time management is one of them. We always want to do more in less time or how we can be more focused to do one thing at a time and be more efficient.

When it comes to our music and more specific, how can we be more focused in our home studio?

You know that you just can’t spend all of your days on this one you love most: Your music. Life happens. You have a job, a family, and so many things to do in one day. So all you want is to be focus as much as possible when you jump in your studio. That’s why I want to talk to you about the Pomodoro technique. The technique’s name is from tomato (Pomodoro in Italian) and has to do with a timer, which has the shape of a tomato.

How does this technique work? The Pomodoro technique is very simple. We are working on a task for 25 minutes, setting a timer, and we take a 5-minute break and we keep working that way until our task is finished. So simple as that! The important is that you have to stay focus on what you are doing and you can’t stop for any kind of distractions. If it takes you only one Pomodoro (25 minutes ) to get this task done, that’s alright, but if you need another 25 minutes, after a 5-minute break you can continue working on your task. This way you can record how many Pomodoro you need for this specific task. You can modify your timer and set it to 35 or 55 minutes if you are working on a project. It’s very important to take breaks between pomodoros.

You have to stay focus on what you are doing. There are so many distractions, that can easily stop you from getting this task done. Scientists say that if you stop what you are doing, your brain needs approximately 20 minutes to return to the focus state you were before.

Now, how can we apply this to our music creation? First and foremost, you have to book for one hour for you in your home studio. Maybe you have one hour a week available, or one hour a day. Book it! Then you have to plan what you are going to do in this one hour!

Before you start, I suggest keeping away all kinds of distractions that may stop you. Set your mobile phone in flight mode and turn off your internet, so you can’t be distracted from any notifications or mail. Set a timer for 25 minutes (you can download one Pomodoro timer for free), and start working.

This way you can tell how much time you really need for recording guitars on your song.You can be more efficient and more productive. If you haven’t still applied this technique, I suggest you do that. It’s very helpful and you can get better results much faster on everything you do.

You can download for free Pomodoro timers, you can sign up, so you can keep track of your tasks and have a record on how many pomodoros you need each time you work on this task.

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