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How to make your vocals stand in the mix

How to make your vocals stand in the mix -New blog post

There are many questions that you have during the mixing process. The only thing that matters is to find thw answers and not being stuck in the same position and that makes us stop.

We have recorded properly all our tracks and as we mix our song,we can tell that our vocal track sounds thin, has no dynamics and power. The first thing you can think of is to turn the fader up. Good idea but this is not what you want, because now it is very loud in every part and maybe will ruin your mix.

You can also automate the track. But still, this is not what you want for your track. It’s not a volume issue. You want your vocals to sound more full and more energy in your mix.

There are many ways you can do this, One of these and it is used very often in mixing sessions, is duplicating the vocal track. You can select the vocal track and duplicate the track. Just this. Without adding any plugin you can hear the difference. Your vocals are more full, have more energy. Yes, it will sound louder, but this is not what we want. You can simply turn the fader down from your second track.

Another tip that I want to give you, where you can achieve the sense of depth and space without using any reverb plugin, is you can move your second track slightly at your right. Just a hint! Don’t exaggerate! It’s a technique that gives us the sense of depth and space without any plugins, as I said.

We are going to talk about many techniques that we use, so we can have vocals with more life and energy in our mix.

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