• Evmorfos Kasinakis

GUITAR RIG: A software for your electric guitar

I have said this so many times , ut this is the most privileged time for home studio owners, because the technology’s evolution gives us countless options, that we could not even imagine some years ago.

One of these is that we can record electric guitars in our home studio, without even having an amplifier.

An old but very trusty software for guitars is Guitar Rig by Native Instruments. You can say that you have it all in one software. You can find so many presets, that you can choose one of them and you can start recording, if it’s suitable for your song. In the presets tab you can find guitar amps , bass amps, cabinet simulators, and as I said you can find the preset that fits your song. You have song styles and so many options, where you can choose from.

The next tab is components , where you can select any component you like and you can create your own effect preset.Y ou can start with the amp that you like, use a cabinet, you can add reverb, delay , pitch modulation, and even EQ. It’s amazing!

Sure, it takes some time until you get familiar with the software but it is worth the time. You can save your own presets or you can modify the existing presets and you can rename them, so you can use them in future projects.

This software during its installation gives you the option to choose if you want to install it in standalone mode also. With this version of the software, you can use it without running your DAW. In audio tracks, you can use it as an insert effect.

Created by FM_STUDIO
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