• Evmorfos Kasinakis

Don’t listen your mixes only in your studio monitors

I have said this before ,because it has happened to me a lot of times and to many friends.We mix our songs and we have set a very good balance and we are very pleased with the result.

We export our mix and we are ready to hear it in our car.And there we get disappointed ,because this sound has nothing to do with what we were l;istening back in our home studio.

Why is this happening? We are used to listen all our mixes in our home studio monitors ,that are designed to have a balanced ,flat sound. The same thing happens if you mix with your headphones.I would suggest to do the following: Listen to your mixes to multiple and different sound sources. Don’t rely only on what you hear in your studio monitors.Especially if you have bought them recently and you don’t know them very well,then you must do this.Even if you have your monitors for a long time ,I would tell you to continue with this technique. Listen to your mix on a cd player in your home ,in your laptop’s speakers and of course in your car. Take notes what is missing from your mix ,so the next time you get in your studio,you will know exactly what to do .

You don’t have to use technical terms for your mix.Write down with your own words ,what to do so you will get better results.

I will give you an example with my mixes and most of the times ,I heard the same mistake when I took my mix to other sound systems. I thought that I had set a very good balance between bass and kick drum.When I listened to my mixes in my car I goalways dissapopinted ,because there were lost in the mix.There was no bass and the kick drum was so flat with no dynamics. I took notes and it was the first thing I was fixing.

We are home studio owners and we have said so many times that working in a home studio has a number of disadvantages and one of these ,is that our monitors give us more bass than we really have. One very good way to get better at this ,is to use reference tracks.Insert in your project a song that is similar to your genre.Be sure it is in good quality .You will get better results faster ,because you have something to compare your mix with.

Spend some time on this procedure and I think you will get better mix by mix.

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