• Evmorfos Kasinakis

Can I record with dynamic microphone?

This post is an idea that I had ,after a question that I had from two subscribers. I want to talk today for what the title of the post says “Can I record with a dynamic microphone?”

The answer is simple ,and I can justify my answer ,because I used dynamic microphone for my first years in my home studio. I used Shure SM58. All time classic microphone specially back in these years but it still is! Yes,you can record anything with a dynamic microphone! I know what many of you may say that you have recorded only with condenser microphones. That it’s impossible or that you are going to have frequencies problems and many more.

I insist and I am telling you ,yes you can record with a dynamic microphone. And if you don’t already know , a very good microphone for recording acoustic instruments such as acoustic guitars ,vocals etc. is Shure Sm57! A dynamic microphone and you get very good results on your recordings. It is used globally from thousands home studio owners ,and it doesn’t cost a lot! You can find a Shure SM57 from €85-110.

Yes ,you can use a dynamic microphone to record your guitars ,vocals and anything else you like. You might say that you won’t get a very good signal in your DAW. Even if you had a condenser microphone , I would suggest to record conservatively low. You can boost your signal later in your mixing process. If you have frequencies problems ,then you can fix it with some EQ.

I remember I had recorded a demoo of my song in my home studio with Shure SM58 and a friend of mine ,who owns a commercial recording studio , asks me ,when he listened to my demo “ Very good vocal recording! Which microphone do you use?” When I told him that I used Shure Sm58 he couldn’t believe it and said all the time “No,you are kidding me!”

Do you know what the secret is? I had no other microphone to use and the only thing I wanted to do was to record my demos. So I had to get the best sounding result with what I had. I was creative and I did it! This is exactly what I am telling you now and I keep telling to my students whenever they ask me. If you have a dynamic microphone and you can’t afford to buy a condenser microphone, work with what you have. Learn your microphone very well and you’ll get the sounding results!

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