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EP: What is it and why you should release one yourself

The older years every artist was working on songs that would be included in his upcoming LP. There were vinyl discs and cassettes. Every album had in average 10-15 songs and it was called LP. I remember when I was younger, every artist released an album every two years and maybe more,because they had to produce their songs and this took much more time that today.

As the years were passing by, the competition was bigger and the listener wanted to hear more often from his favourite artist,so they had to release an LP once a year. Nowadays we live in the digital time and we have digital releases.

With the internet everyone has access to his favourite music ,and in some countries the sales have “fallen” or even diminished. Even in these circumstances ,there are artists that are still best sellers. Today we have a slight change of what makes an artist successful. We are going to talk on another blog post for this topic more extended and for the new rules on discography and in music industry globally.

What I want to talk with you today is,what is an EP and to tell you why you should release one yourself.

EP are the initials for Extended Play and we can say that is the opposite for Long Play and relative with the cd single as it was called a few years before. An EP is a collection of 4-5 songs but they van be fewer. An EP can be only with 2 songs.

So, the songs of an EP ,is the work of an artist , that wants to share with the world. It’s a very nice ,creative process and I suggest you should do the same.

We live in a privileged age and technology gives us many tools that we can work easier and faster. Internet is a way to share your music your songs with the world.

If you are a songwriter , a composer and you want to share your work to the world and get some feedback about it ,positive or even negative, I should suggest to release an EP yourself. You should never stop being creative.

How you can release an EP? First of all you have to write some songs. Nice songs!Then you have to record them. You can produce your songs in your home studio from the beginning until the end. As it comes to mastering I would suggest to give it to a mastering engineer. If you need any help on the recording phase or in mixing you should ask for help from your friends musicians and if you don’t have any, you should collaborate with others.

After the production is completed and your songs are ready ,the next thing you have to do is to upload your songs in a digital distribution platform and from there ,they are going to be released in all free digital music stores like Apple music,I tunes, Google music, Spotify etc


If you want the world to know about your work , you should release some songs even if you think you aren’t ready. Keeping your songs,your music in your drawer , in your computer you are not getting better. You will never feel ready to release your songs. You should release some songs more often.Even one song only! This way you are going to be known to more people.

And this way will help you finish your songs much faster ,once you have set deadlines for the release date.

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