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What you MUST and MUST NOT to do ,so you can be more productive in your home studio

I have talked so many times with my students , friends and colleagues that there is a big issue with time management. The most common that I hear is that no one has enough time to work on his music ,because they have day jobs , families , and so many things to do.

I understand that ,because we all are at the same position,but I’d like to tell you a couple of things that will help you to be more efficient and more productive in your home studio. The first thing that we all do,some more often and some not, is that we don’t have a specific schedule for the next time we are going to work in our home studios.Even if we have only a couple of hours free to work on our songs , sometimes we just sit ,open some other projects that are half finished too, we are trying some plug ins and we don’t do anything that helps us to finish our song and be more productive. And these two hours have gone without any results.

I want to ask you something and I’d like to be very honest with your self. What would you do if toy booked a two hours studio session so you can record your song and you would pay $30/ hour? Would you do the same?

No, I don’t think so. Because commercial recording studios work this way. They book hours and they get paid for their services. And they can’t give you five or ten minutes more ,because someone else has booked the next two or three hours. So one big mistake that we all do is that you don’t take your home studio so seriously because you know that you have no charge for the time you spend in your studio. It’s yours and you just don’t mind! This way doesn’t help you to be more efficient and more productive. You must see your home studio like a professional recording studio ,because this is what it really is for you.It’s your studio and you have everything you need to record your songs. But you have to be prepared and have a specific schedule what to do next time you are going to work on your project. Book two hours and charge yourself for 30$ per hour or even more. I am sure that will force you to work as fast as possible and you will do more that you can imagine in these two hours. You will have to decide faster on what vst instruments you will use or which loop is best for your song. You will work faster and you will get better results!

Another mistake we do in our home studios is that we don’t see our home studios like a professional recording studio. What do I mean by that? You feel that your home studio is not so good because it just isn’t a professional recording studio and you can’t do so many things and you can’t record or mix your songs so well as you could to a professional studio. You are amazed from the large spaces they have the fancy hardware, and all these big consoles. They have invested thousands and thousands of dollars and they have the space to do this.So you can’t be so strict on yourself and especially on your studio. You have all that you need to record ,mix and release your songs to the world. It’s not about the gear that you have.It’s all about you.Music is creation and this is something that comes from you! It all depends on you! You have to work and do your best. There are so many artists all over the world and they produce their songs in their home studios and release them and some of these songs have become worldwide hits.

Try to work with what you have and trust me, you can do much more than you can imagine!

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