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Which is the best audio interface

I have told this so many times and I will keep saying that we live in the most privileged time ,because technology gives us so many options so you don’t have to spend a fortune to record your songs ,in your bedroom and share it with the world. I have written in previous post how you can build your own home studio with less than $400. And I am sure that as the years are passing by ,it will be easier and cheaper to make an absolute basic home studio but you will be able to record ,mix and release your songs in all the digital stores .

To record your songs ,except your computer you will need an audio interface. This interface is the tool that helps you pass your audio signal into your DAW,no matter which you have. It converts the analog signal to digital ,that’s why every audio interface has very good converters. Even the cheap audio interfaces have very reliable converters and you can get very good results.

So, if you want to record audio,all you need is an audio interface ,and at this point I would suggest to get an external audio interface so you can carry it wherever you want to work.External audio interfaces are very easy to install,just with a usb cable ,because nowadays the most hardware are plug and play,so you can start recording immediately!

There are so many categories of audio interfaces with too many options according your needs,but I would like to tell you that ,if you are just starting in your home studio or even you are an advanced in home recording ,you need something simple! Less is more!

I get a lot of questions very often.Which is the best audio interface to record my songs? If I buy an expensive audio interface ,will I get better results?

You’ve got to understand something . The audio interface you have is the way to pass your recordings into your DAW and not a powerful tool that can convert a medium recording to a very good one.It all depends on you!

The most common solution is to buy a simple audio interface with one or two inputs ,if you want and this is only you need! With these inputs you can connect your microphone and record guitars,vocals and anything you want to record. So if you ask me which is the best audio interface ,my answer is this: The simple is the best!

I have so many audio interfaces to suggest. If you already have one , stop looking for a better one! What you’ve got is all you need! Trust me! You need nothing more. With an audio interface between $60 and $130 ,I think you have all you need to record your songs!

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