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How to find drum loops for your songs

When It comes to recording procedure ,you may have some questions that keep holding you back from recording your song. One of these problems is how we can get some rhythm parts for our songs. Especially if you are not so familiar with midi recording ,then you definitely want to find as many drum loops as possible ,so you can adjust them in your projects.

In the section that we have started “Recording a song together” i am going to show you how you can record drums using vst instruments.In this blog post though I am going to suggest a way that you can have some drum loops or from other instruments and these will help you to create a rhythm pattern for your songs. This way is the internet. Looking on the internet you can have so many options to choose.Today I am going to suggest some very useful websites that you can download straight to your computer drum loops and instruments sounds.

The first one that I suggest is There is a search option on the home page so you can specialize your search regarding the genre you are working on. The next one is’s about the same and also. It has a big sound library that you can use in your projects.

In every website you can preview the drum loops before you download them.They are free ,in some websites all you have to do is to sign up with your e mail.

Next of my suggestions is with lots of drum loops to listen and download and you can try as well.

Now when it comes to all drum loops are in .wav format,so you can easily import them in your projects by simply choosing on File menu the import function and then audio file. This way you can import any audio file not only drum loops. You may have some difficulties configuring the loop with the tempo of your song. I am going to make a tutorial very soon explaining how you can do this.


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