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Studio monitors placement

In previous posts and many times in the past I have mentioned that is important to work with what you’ve got. You may not have studio monitors yet and you work with a pair of headphones, but I think that you will find the today’s topic very interesting and it will be very helpful for you , when you decide and buy a pair of studio monitors. I will not speak which speakers are the best or not. We are going to talk about this in a different post.

Right studio monitors orientation

So you have your new monitors. To avoid many acoustic issues, you should know that the majority of the monitors we use are required to angle them towards the spot you are sitting. This the first and most basic principle for the monitor placement. Of course there are exceptions and there are some types of monitors that are placed horizontally.

Distance from walls and corners

The next step you have to take so you can achieve better sounding results with your studio monitors is to keep them away from the wall. i have my monitors about 40 cm from the wall and if that’s possible try to stay away from corners, because there is more bass boost in these areas.

Equal distance from side walls

This is very important but it’s difficult to achieve it! Most of home studio owners work in a spare room in our house or even in our bedroom. Correct? That means that you have to place you studio desk in a way that your monitors have the same distance from your side walls. What do I mean by that? Let’s say that the distance from the wall at your left yo your left speaker is 3 meters. This distance must be from the wall at your right to your right speaker. This is very difficult and sometimes impossible ,if you consider the factors that you have other furniture in your bedroom like your bed,a closet etc. So you have to find the perfect room for your home studio with the right dimensions.

Distance to where you sit

You have to be aware that the distance form one speaker to another and to your sitting spot must be like an equilateral triangle. What do I mean? The distance between the speakers and you must be equal. If the distance from one speaker to another is ,for example 1.20,then the distance from the speaker to your ear must be 1.20 also.As you can see in the photos below you have to adjust the height of the speakers so the tweeters must be to your ears.You may think is a detail,but is an important one. Try to sit lower or higher from the tweeters and you will hear very different from the right position.

Different distance from the walls

Your speakers should NOT have the same distance from the back wall and your side walls. If you have placed your speakers 0.50m from your back wall,then the distance from your side walls must be larger or smaller

Adjust your speakers

You can use use all the tools that your speakers provide you. If you read the manual of your speakers you will see that behind each speaker there are some parameters that you can configure so you can have better sound results. If your speakers are placed in a corner ,then you have the option to decrease your bass frequencies ,because in situations like these you have more bass boost and you won’t have so good results in your mix.

Speakers placement

The last thing I want to tell you about your speakers is where you should put them on. Most of the times we use some stands ,or we put the speakers on our studio desk. There is a secret that seems that many of you skip this. The best you can do is to use a pair of isolation pads ,wherever you put your speakers. You are going to have much better sounding results.

These are the basic rules for the speakers placement in your home studio. We are going to talk a lot about acoustic treatment in the future and how we can achieve better results in our home studio

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