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Dream big and always believe in your goals!

I have heard so many times people telling me that although they had always a dream, they wanted to achieve their goals but they didn’t because as they say the circumstances weren’t so good and they hadn’t the proper conditions so they could work on their dreams. Another option that I hear very often is “There are no chances now ,what can you do? There is no time for experimenting or trying new things” and there are some older people saying “Am I too old now for starting something that I always wanted? Isn’t a little bit late?”

All these thoughts have come in my mind too, but today I am going to give you tha answers to these questions with live examples. I had this idea for writing this post when I saw three days ago that Google celebrates 20 years! I want to ensure you that all these people who succeeded and their dreams came true had the same questions and doubts. Do you know what is the difference between you and them? They believed in their dream and they believed that they can make it!

You may think that your home studio is too small or you have almost nothing or you can’t do so many things with this gear.You can’t record and share your music with these tools you have. You may think that you are too old for starting learning anything on home recording and succeed at your 40’s ,50’s or even at your 60’s. You also may think that there are so many songwriters out there ,so many singers and that is too difficult to get your songs heard. Yes, you may be right but that doesn’t mean anything! If you think that you live in a difficult time then you are wrong! You are just getting obstacles with this way of thinking and not getting results. You have to believe that you are going to succeed and never stop believing that!

As I told you before I am going to give you answers using great examples and I am starting with Google. Google started back in 1998 when Larry Page and Sergey Brin ,students at Stanford University they built a search engine. They started in a garage and as you know today Google is the first worldwide search engine with nearly 90.000 employees and you can check the pictures below. They had a dream and they never stopped until they made it!

Another example is the founder of Amazon , Jeff Bezos he also started in his home’s garage and as you can see in the picture below the sign of is written with some kind of spray as you can see. He believed in his dream and he knew that he is going to make his dream come true! That’s why today he is one of the richest people in the world!

Another example is for those who may think that they are too old to start whatever they are dreaming of! KFC is a world know company for the chicken nuggets and so many more. Colonel Harland Sanders started KFC at 65 years old when he retired from his work. There are too many examples and we are going to talk about them in the future so I can inspire you to keep your faith in your dreams!

Leave your comments below and tell me what are your big goals and what would you like to achieve this year!

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