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Audio recording: Lane display type

There are many times in audio recording where we are making mistakes, we erase we record again and so on until we get the best recording as possible for that track. In the past years there was no multi track recording and they could not record only this part they were wrong. They had to record all the track from the beginning until they had the perfect recording. Can you imagine that? They had to go all over again even if they wanted to change something in the end! Technology evolution gives us so many options and one of them is that we can record in digital domain and we can have as many recording we like. Technology went more steps ahead and now we can have many recordings in one just track and even more we can replace specific parts of a recording with overlapping function and we can decide later which one is better for this track. This happens with the lane display type function and we are going to talk today how we can use this function so we can get the best results working on only one track.

At first we create an audio track so we can record for example a guitar or a vocal. As you can see in the picture below in this audio track there are four buttons. The first one is the record enable button, the second is the monitoring ,the third is R (read) and the fourth is W (write),which are for automation function.We are going to talk with more details in next tutorials.

If we set the pointer of the mouse in the bottom of the track then it changes to another shape where we can drag down the track by holding the left click and we can make it bigger.

There we can see more buttons.the last one is the Lane display type button. By activating this button you can have multiple recordings in the same track and you can hear each recording afterwards separately so you can choose which one is the best for this track. You can create a final recording from several parts of all these recordings as you edit them. We are going to talk about this right now!

So you start recording the first verse of your song but you are not happy with what you just recorded and you are recording a second one. You will see this second recording (take) is green and the above recording changes its color.

When you are ready, you can simply listen to these recordings with playback function, but you can hear only one recording at a time. You can hear the green one. As you know I am working on Cubase 5 but it’s about the same with all DAW’s.This function is an absolutely useful tool for our audio recordings.

Now you want to listen each one of these recordings so you can choose which one is the best for your track. You can use the mute function from the tool bar where you can use it to mute one recording so you can listen to the another one. By muting one recording this becomes gray as you can see and the enabled recording is this with the green color. You can also record a specific part of a recording and you can replace it easily using the spit tool.You can copy ,paste any part you like so you can get the best results of your recording.

I suggest not recording so many takes because you can’t perform better after some takes. All you can do is rehearse many times before you start recording and you can get at least three or four takes of each track.

I think that this function is a very powerful tool and you can have the best recordings for your tracks.

Leave a comment below if you are using this function to your recordings and if not, I want you to tell me if you find it useful when you use it.

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