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Recording in your home studio: Advantages and disadvantages

I am sure that many times you have looked photos from big commercial recording studio and you are amazed with all these fancy equipment, all the hardware they’ve got ,the big computer screens ,the expensive microphones and everything else that a recording studio like this can have.

Maybe you gave been in one of those recording studios and you thought “Oh. This is absolutely what a recording studio must be! And after that you are doing this one thing that most of us have done in the past. You compare this studio with your home studio. No ,this is wrong!

When you decided to build your own home studio , I am sure that you weren’t thinking something like a huge commercial recording studio neither you were thinking of buying an SSL console for your bedroom. You just wanted to have the necessary gear so you can record your songs. Just think this for a minute! In previous generations they hadn’t the ability to grab their guitar and record a song idea whenever they wrote a song! You ,on the other hand my friend you can just turn on your p/c and within few minutes you can have recorded a guitar and vocal track for your song.

When I started writing my own songs ,the only thing I could do was that. To write the song. If I wanted to record a demo ,I had to book some hours to a recording studio ,and there was a charge by hour. You know how it works. With this post I want you to understand and appreciate what you’ve got and give you some advantages and disadvantages of your home studio.

#1. You have exactly what you need!

I have said this a lot of times and I will keep saying it. We are living in the most privileged time and there is no better time to create anything you want! Technology’s evolution can give us countless options and very affordable too! If you are just starting out to build your home studio, you have to separate the desire from need. What do I mean by that? There are too many you can choose from ,for your home studio and you want to buy this microphone and that pre amp, but wait! Too much information may swift your focus! Remember what you really want! What you really need! You need the most inexpensive gear to start recording your songs! And the results you are going to get with this gear will be amazing! Even if you have the money to buy whatever you want , I suggest to keep it simple! Learn what you have and afterwards you can upgrade your gear if you think that something like this will make a difference in your home studio! You don’t have to spend a fortune to build a basic home studio. If you want more information on this topic I have post “How to build your home studio for under €400”. A very popular post with many useful tips,but if you want further more information you can sign up to HomeStudioProject’s mailing list and get my free e book “Start recording today! You can start even with the computer you already have!

You don’t have to buy the most expensive microphone, you can start recording your songs by using a €50-100 microphone. So simple!

#2. You are not charged by the hour!

As I told you before , the big commercial recording studios have a charge by hour and the time begins from the time you enter the studio! You can do anything you want ,like you have a talk with the singer to explain how he should sing a specific phrase of the chorus and many more, but the clock is ticking and there is a time booked for you and when this time is off , you have to leave. It’s so simple as that! So all you have to do is to work fast! Let’s say you have booked five hours for recording a demo. The hourly charge is €25 ,so your total amount for these hours is €125. If there is flexibility you can add one more hour but you will be charged €25. Why am I telling you all these? In your home studio you have no charge at all,you haven’t booked time and you can work anytime you want for any time you can! Is this incredible or what? With the gear you’ve got ,you can record , erase and record again as many tracks you like and you decide how many hours you are going to spend on each song.

#3. Unlimited tracks for recording!

We a huge advantage in our home studio (pro recording studios have the same advantage too). We are working in a digital domain and this gives us the option to have countless tracks especially in audio recording. In midi recording you may have only 16 tracks to record ,but you have another advantage. You can record and erase as many times you like without having a storage problem! This is something that no one could ever imagine many years ago,because there was a limited number of tracks in audio and midi recording. You have no limitations on recording!

Of course there are some disadvantages that we have to keep in mind ,soo we don’t have too many problems in our recordings.

#1. A very basic disadvantage is acoustic treatment. The professional recording studios are acoustically treated with the best material that is necessary for a studio like this. In that way you can hear the right frequencies and getting the best results for your songs. Home recording means that you have your studio in a spare room or in your bedroom. Wherever that is your studio has doors ,windows,so we have to deal with noise. Internal and external noises ,but there is always a solution for these “problems” Also you don’t have the right acoustic treatment in your room and that may affect your sounding results. Even this with useful tips and techniques ,can be eliminated successfully!

#2. You don’t have expensive instruments to record!

I have heard many times that if you want to have a very good recording you have to have either an expensive instrument or a microphone that costs some hundreds of euros or dollars. Let’s say you have at your disposal a €1000 microphone and a €1000 guitar. Do you think you can get the best results from these two expensive tools? I would say no,because you probably don’t know exactly how to use these two and succeed the best result you want. In the upcoming tutorials I will show you how you can have a professional guitar

If you work in your home studio,please let me know what other disadvantages or advantages you have ! tell me your opinion for your home studio in the comments below!

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