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?What is the most difficult for you in home studio

There are many times ,when you are starting a new project , a new song to record and you are feeling very confident that you are going to have the best recordings you ever had in your home studio. And this is what it takes. Positive thinking! There are some points though, that stuck you and are holding you back from finishing your song. You have questions and you are not sure if you have made the right decision for your mix or anything else.

It doesn’t matter in what level you are. If you are a beginner in home studio or you are an intermediate, you are good at recordings but you have some mixing issues that you don’t know very well and you wish you had someone to help you through this process and take your music to the next level.

Whatever this is, don’t worry. Every question has an answer! Everything has its solution! I want you to talk to me for all these times you have difficulties in your home studio. I want to contact me and have a dialogue via e mails and tell me what are all these things that make your music creation more difficult.

I created HomeStudioProject because I wanted to help you and everyone that wants to record his own songs in his home studio and share it to the world. I wish I had someone to take me by the hand and show me step by step how to edit a vocal recording, how to record properly an acoustic guitar, how to place your microphone for having better recordings and so many more that I couldn’t even think when I was just starting in my home studio.

Therefore I’d like you to tell me what is this one thing that makes your work in home studio difficult ,what would you like to learn more. Maybe it’s on recording phase or in mixing. You know that mixing is an art. I have a related post how to start mixing your songs.

You can contact me by email and write down all the questions you may have and what would be a great help for you. Just mail your questions and I will try to answer all of them.

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