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You can do anything you want! It’s so easy.

We are living in a time that everything is so easy with the help of technology. There are some things that are difficult and we must practice until we get used to it.

If you think in the early 1990’s,when the first mobile phones appeared in the global market, how impressed we were with this new invention ,because we could call anyone from any place we were. Amazing isn’t it?

There was no internet or social media. You couldn’t even read your e mails on your mobile phone. As the years were passing by we got used to this new technology and we learned so many things so we could use our mobile phones properly. What does that mean? We tried to learn something new because we wanted to use these new technologies and you know what? We did it very well! Even some people with negativity on these new inventions, today they know how to use easily their smartphones and be very productive also!

The same thing happens with music technology! Many years ago, no one could ever imagine that someday every musician could have a home studio in his bedroom, or in his living room recording ,mixing his own songs and release them to the world digital. If we go back a few years ago you can see that everything was in analog domain! Everything was recorded in tape! If you had a wrong chord in the chorus, you had to record all the song over again. You couldn’t just erase this wrong chord and just overwrite on this point! The arrival of the digital domain was a big evolution for the music creation. Anyone could now record midi. That was very revolutionary but very complicated at the same time! The first DAW’s appeared like Cubase and many more. When I first started to record my songs in my home studio back in 2001, Cubase ( I don’t remember how it was called-I think Cubase VST) , was more simplified than today ,but it was a very helpful tool for me and I could record midi and audio. I could record my own demos! There were many times where I was very desperate and I was thinking that I am not good enough and I should stop because I haven’t had the knowledge to use Cubase ,I needed more time to practice on my DAW and this way I could get the results I wanted. I was feeling that I had less time for writing music and songs, because I had to learn how to use Cubase and of course the results weren’t exactly how I wanted to be. My first recordings though, sounded perfect to me!

Since then technology has evolved and keeps evolving. It gives us countless options that previous generations couldn’t even imagine. I keep saying that, because you have to understand that we are living in a unique privileged time and we have so many advantages especially in home recording. Studio gear is so affordable! I know what you are thinking! You are a musician. You want to create music and you don’t want or you don’t know anything about all these technical things you have to learn so you can record your music in your home studio.

You may also think that maybe needs a lot of time practicing ,to get the knowledge so you can have a radio ready song released from your home studio. I know how it feels! I’ve been there! Everyone who is just starting out in his home studio or he is good at recording and having issues on mixing has the same thoughts like you do! Everything can be done! It may take some time but everything is possible! You can achieve anything you want! I don’t want you to underestimate yourself or the gear you have! I am sure that you have heard this theory that if you want to accomplish a very good sounding track and get the results you want for you songs the best solution is a commercial recording studio, where everything is perfect with the perfect acoustic treatment. In a studio like this you can have the best recordings for your tracks! I have news for you! No my friend, this is absolutely a myth! You can produce your own songs in your own home studio,no matter what gear you have.

I have a post “How to build your own home studio with under €400. A very famous and helpful post. You can find all the information about the necessary gear you need to have in your home studio. You don’t have to buy expensive microphones,compressors and plug ins ,spending hundreds of euros. No! You can start with a very low budget but believe me you are going to have a high quality results! The key to succeed in your home studio is hard work! And you must have the desire to work hard,to learn and practice. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you “You are not going to make it!” or “This is so difficult,don’t even try it!” Everything is difficult if we choose not to do it!

I know how hard it is to find time especially in this every day routine with our jobs ,families,and everything else. Everything is up to you! Everything is achievable! You are responsible for your time and how you can manage it,so you can have time for your music creation! If you really want to achieve in your music career you have to set goals and priorities! If you have to learn a DAW from the beginning ,I am sure that this will take time but at the end you are going to make it! Practicing and recording more and more songs in your home studio you will get better and you will get better results each time!You have to trust me on this one! You can record ,mix your own songs in your home studio. This is a lovely journey! HomeStudioProject is here to help you with every step of the process producing a song!

Leave your comments below and let me know if this post was helpful , and I am waiting your questions and ideas for upcoming posts.

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