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Don’t stop trying! Why you should never give up

It’s been a month since my last blog post or YouTube video ,but sometimes things happen in life that are unexpected and maybe get you off your daily routine. Life is full of very beautiful moments but some difficult ones also. In a difficult time you feel disorganized and you are thinking too many things but you have to convince yourself that you have to keep moving forward and keep trying.

I am sure that you often feel unable to do the things that you really want ,because of your daily schedule and all this routine. You always complaint about how limited time you have for doing something for you. Yes, the easiest thing you can do is to complaint and be miserable for not having enough time or the energy to do these things that you really love to do.

I have heard many of you (including myself to be honest) saying: “ It’s impossible to have the energy to do something for yourself when you have a full and demanding day!” I will answer to this “excuse” with a question that I’d like you to think very seriously and leave a comment below and tell me what you think. “If you hadn’t this boring 9-5 job ,that you hate but you do it to pay the bills and if you hadn’t all these “must to do” , how many hours would you spend working on that thing you really want to do?” I know what you are going to say: “Many more than I have now”. Yes ,you are right but is this going to be only in the beginning? For the very first time? You know what I mean don’t you? Every time we are starting something new there is a lot of enthusiasm , and much energy for doing what you really love. Maybe you will quit your 9-5 job and you will be absolutely happy for this but later you realize that you have some other things to do like your family, your kids, your friends and so many more. And in that point you are going to feel that you haven’t much time once again.

It’s not like that and I don’t want to tell you that it isn’t worth of taking your own risks. I want to tell you that you don’t have to fill your day with complaints and excuses. I have written in the past how to stop excuses and take steps forward achieving your goals. Every day you have 24 hours in your disposal, just the same they have all the human beings on planet Earth. The same times had and have so many successful people ,that accomplished the impossible ,maybe for us, but they did it because they believed in it. We have the same time with someone that maybe works more hours than you do,but he always finds quality time to spend with his children and his family. And when his children go to bed,he studies for an hour learning a foreign language or he practices on guitar that he loves so much! He sets the alarm one hour earlier ,just to work on something for himself and then he drives for his boring job , feeling more creative and that he has taken a step closer to his goal!

You have the same time with all these scientists and inventors, who have dedicated the most of their lifetime to invent something that no one could ever imagine in their time,but they succeeded because they had faith in their dream! Even nowadays ,with the technology growing so fast, there are so many things in the market ,that no one could ever think all these ten years ago. Let me give you an example. When I was a student and we had homework to do, the only way to get some information were some books or going to the nearest library. What about now? You can have access to all the information you want in some seconds with the help of Google. Who could imagine the existence of a search engine when internet appeared in our lives? No one except the creators of Google.

Let me give you an another example for music. When I was a kid and I wanted to listen to my favorite artist or band , I had to buy the record or the cassette. What about now? With one click you can listen to any song you like using YouTube. Just think for a while. Ten or fifteen years ago ,who could imagine that there would be a search engine providing videos ,music in just a few seconds? No one. YouTube nowadays is the second largest search engine in the world. And all these happened because someone had faith in this idea.

What I’m trying to say is , that you don’t have to make excuses. You have to find solutions! I know that is very difficult to cope with all these daily obligations ,but you can’t see them as obstacles all the time. You have to find ways to be more creative and productive for the things that you really want to do. Yo want to record your songs in your home studio and share it to the world. It isn’t impossible. You can accomplish much more than you think you can. Maybe you have many issues in your home studio and you have to work hard. But this is the key to success. Work hard. There is no other way. Record as many songs you can and you will get much better recording results. Mix as many songs you can and you will become better mixing engineer. Don’t stop! You will succeed when you believe that you can! Don’t waste your time on misery and excuses! Be creative! If you want some tips on how to be more productive in your home studio ,you can find them here.

Leave your comments below and tell me if you have limited time for your music and how you manage your time.

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