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How to make more music this year in your home studio

We are already in the middle of January. The month ,where everyone sets his goals and promises to himself for achieving more than last year. Every year ,especially, this time of year,we are thinking everything we accomplished, those who didn’t achieve though we tried and those we didn’t do at all. When it comes to home studio and music creation in general, this must be in the “I didn’t do” list although we wanted very much. Our lives are full with day jobs, schools, colleges, family,kids and so many “to do” things,that making music is something that you can put off for next week ,or even better for next month. This is something I’m sure you are thinking a lot because you are feeling that you are going nowhere and you want to move forward to achieve your goals.

I know that I may have asked you the same thing last year but have you set your music goals for this year?

For reading this post,that means that you didn’t do last year all the things you wanted to. Although you started with too much confidence and motivation you after a few weeks you felt you were stuck again,right? I know that everyone has a day job, a family, children ,wife to care ,and all these things make your day full and you keep putting your music back for the next week ,or even better next month,where you will be less busy,but guess what: You will always be busy. I know it’s difficult and I don’t want to talk all the time about this ,but I’m here to help you to achieve your music goals


I talk every day with friends, colleagues, students and they have the same problem. Every year they set goals for their music and they promise to their selves that they will be productive and creative this year in their home studio,but after a few weeks,months the effort stops and the reason? They just can’t make it!

Now let’s be honest! There is no excuse at all. If you want to do something , you will do it!One of the most common excuses is time.You don’t have time! I understand this,and I know what is like! But you know something? We all have the same time in a day.We all have 24 hours to organize our lives. It’s difficult but it’s achievable! Take for example persons that you admire and they have succeeded in their genre. It took them hours and hours of practicing on their niche or maybe we can say months or years to achieve their goal.Do you know what is the secret? Time management. Yes,my friend. This is it and only this. If you can manage your time correctly you will see yourself growing and achieving anything you have dreamt of! Everything can be done. Let me explain this for you in simple words. Let’s say you have your day job 9-5, you come back home and you feel exhausted ,but you have to take your kids for activities , you have to go for shopping with your wife , you have to do some work in your computer for tomorrow ,and when the evening comes ,you want just to relax ,take some time with your family ,or with your friends and of course you need some time for you.You are not a robot! You are a human being. You just want some time for you too read your book,to listen to your music, to chat with your friends in social media etc. Are these too much? I know you want to do all things right without forgetting something.In all this routine,you have to program your music creation.

I have a post for setting your music goals. I think it will be very helpful for you. Now the issue here is to find the time for your music.You don’t want to put your music back all the time for next week,and at the end of the year you will have the same results: Nothing!

The first thing you have to do is to prioritize from your to-do list. If you can achieve this ,then you will get your music creation,your songwriting , whatever you want to do in your schedule! You will be more productive and more efficient! We are going to talk many times this year for productivity and time management!

The first technique I want to talk you about today for scheduling your time more wisely is the Pareto principle or the 20/80 rule. Have you ever heard about it? This principle says that the 20% of our efforts defines the 80% of our results. Think about it! It’s so powerful. If you focus on the right things and you work on these things the 20% of your work will get you the 80% of the results you want. To achieve this, you have to practice on prioritizing what is important and by doing this ,will get you closer to your goal. You can’t waste your time on doing the easy things. It’s not so important for spending two hours for reading,answering and deleting unused emails. You can do it some other time. If you managed these two hours more wisely you could do a guitar recording for your song ,or something else.This way you‘ll get more free time for your recordings and anything else you want to do in your life.

We are going to talk for 20/80 rule in upcoming post,with more details and how you can apply this rule in your home studio.

Leave your comments below if this was helpful to you,if you agree or you disagree,and tell me if you have set any music goals for this year .

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