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Why you should set up your home studio

A few months ago ,i had this incredible idea ,to change my home studio set up. i don’t mean upgrading my gear, but changing the setup of my home studio. The placement of my home studio! Better now?

In the beginning and for a long time I really liked the change I had made,because suddenly the place stopped looking so messed up! In the meanwhile ,to be honest I didn’t have to do any serious work in my home studio,(mixing ) ,except some recordings for my songs. No problem so far. Everything looked so nice and tied up. But that was the problem! I was so pleased with the new home studio set up and I totally forgot about the basics. What are these? I focused on what it looks good and I missed what it sounds good!

All this time ,as I told you, I didn’t have to do any “serious” mixing, all I had to do is to turn up my speakers just listening some music from YouTube or just listen my recordings I had done so far. A few days ago , a client of mine , gave me a song to mix it for him. When I started working on this song, it all sounded so different than I had used to. Do you know the two major mistakes I had done? My speakers were placed in such a wrong way ,even a beginner could tell the wrong placement.I felt like when I first bought my speakers and I had no idea how they sounded. I just had placed my speakers in a such wrong way that it was absolutely sure that my mixes would sound boomy and with no clarity at all.

For that reason, i had to rearrange the entire setup of my home studio. I had to deliver the mix like it should be and with this set up ,this would be impossible. I know and you know that recording in a home studio has many acoustic disadvantages,but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to be careful with some fundamental principles for getting better results. And for us,home studio owners we have to be careful with the setup of our studio.

Why am I telling you all these? I had a conversation a few days ago with a friend, musician ,songwriter, and I think that you will agree with mw on this too. He told me that he has all the necessary equipment for a budget home studio ( audio interface ,midi keyboard , a pair of headphones,a condenser microphone) , but he still hasn’t put it in a place. What is this guy doing? Very simple. Whenever he wants to record ,he just sets all these things up and starts recording.By the time he is finished ,he is putting all things back! Even he knows that this isn’t practical at all, he claimed that he has no available room for his home studio. So I told him that I will help him to find a place in his home where he can set his home studio and it won’t bother his wife or his kids.

I understand that many of you have the same problem ,but hearing that you must have a spare room for your home studio,just for being more creative and efficient is just an excuse! Yes, that would be the ideal for you,but guess what.This is not the only solution you’ve got! You can set up your home studio anywhere you think that you can work, without having any complaints from your family or your neighbors. The issue is that you are having your home studio whenever you have a free time for your music. Setting up your home studio over and over again holds you back from being creative and recording your music! You have to be productive and this option can’t help you with this. Whenever you want to record ,you just turn your computer on and you are only two steps away from starting recording.

Leave your comments below and tell me where you have set up your home studio, and if you haven’t so far , please tell me where are you thinking to do this.

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