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Make a schedule for your recordings

So, you have finished with your songwriting and now you are at the stage of arrangement and recordings. You have also decided which and how many songs you are going to record and release until the end of the year. You have set a deadline and if you want to be on time, you have to schedule the time you are going to work in your home studio. To achieve your goal ,you need to program everything until the last detail. And what do I mean by that? The easiest thing you can do is just to sit front of your computer and just wasting your time, tweaking some plug ins or looking your old –half finished projects and you keep wondering “I wish I had finished that song too”. You can’t do anything if you act like that.You are going nowhere.And time flies and everything you want to accomplish just remains an idea!

There are so many things you have to do and you have to make a schedule for all these. Te first thing you have to think is you! You have to book hours in your home studio. What do I mean by booking hours? I know you have your 9-5 job, you have your family, other activities, and you have a limited free time for your project. Let’s say you have decided to record, mix and release 2 songs of four you have already written. How many hours are you willing to work in your home studio per day or even per week? Are you willing to make some sacrifices to achieve your goal? I think you have to push yourself a little bit harder just to understand what you are capable of.You can earn an extra hour if you watch television only one hour instead of two or three or if you don’t waste your time on your cell phone trying read all the news feed from your social media. If you are self-disciplined you can get extra hours for your home studio. In this procedure you may need the contribution of a friend.For example if you want to record guitars to one of your songs ,then you have to schedule eith your friend when both of you are available to record. This can be done with two ways.The first one is the oldest and more traditional one: Book a specific day and time for recording guitars in your home studio. The second one is more convenient if your friend has his own home studio. You can send him a guide track or the whole arrangement with details on how you want him to perform and he will send you back the tracks with his final recordings.

All these take time but it depends on how good you are on scheduling your projects. In that way you are going to accomplish more than you can ever imagine! If you don’t make a schedule, you will be over your deadline. The best thing that I suggest for you to do when it comes on schedule is to use your calendar. I don’t care if you are a traditional guy/girl and you are using paper calendar or a tech guy/girl and you are using your mobile phone’s calendar. The main thing you have to do is to book hours in your home studio just like you do in a professional recording studio.And think like you are paying 100 dollars/hour. Ig you were actually paying 100 dollars per hour ,you wouldn’t spend a minute on thinking which plug in or what effects can you use on this track etc.

I hope you found this helpful.Leave your comments below and let me know if you have made a schedule for your home studio or if you are planning to.

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