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Back up: What is a back up and how important it is

We are living in a digital world and this is a huge privilege for us ,home studio owners. We have the ability to record countless songs ,each song with many tracks we want and each track with many takes as possible,as long as we have enough storage space at our disposal. The most ,not to say almost everything, in our home studio is recorded , mixed through a computer( in the box). A computer has a local disk C: where the operating system lives and works. If you have a second drive this is the drive for saving all your sessions recordings and mixings. A third drive is the backup drive. This might be an external hard drive where you can keep a copy of all your work.

But what is a back up? It’s the procedure of copying to another hard drive ,everything that is very important to us ( files ,folders, projects,etc). In our case, we want to back up all our projects. Back up can be done manually with drag and drop or copy paste we can copy everything we want from one hard drive to another.This is the easy part of this procedure, especially if you haven’t done a back up before. The first time is easy and very simple. You just pick your folders and copy them to your back up drive. What if you continue working on a project and you overdub some recordings?

When I first started working in my home studio, I never copied my work until a failure of a drive to my pc caused me all my work. I lost everything I had. When I started backing up regularly my work, I was copying everything and even when some new recordings were added , I just copied all the project from the start. This was a waste of time and lot of space in my back up hard drive.I had to find a way to back up my work without all this procedure.Until one day I luckily discovered the “Date modified” option. Everyone has seen this option in any folder. There are two options in a folder like that. “Date created” and “Date modifiedIn that way you have the ability to check all your files that are modified by date and you can choose the specific folders to copy to your back up hard drive.

Don’t forget to back up.It’s very important procedure! You can schedule to back up and write it down to your calendar or set a reminder to your mobile phone. If you are using P/C ,windows have an option to schedule your p/c’s back up and it’s doing it for you.You can choose what files or folders you want to back up.To be honest with you i am a p/c person but I never used this option. I prefer doing it manually.

I hope that was helpful and try not to forget to back up. Leave your comments below if you back up,how often and how you do it.

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