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How to write better songs

We are already in October and you should start writing some songs. I don’t know if you have made a schedule on how many times per week and for how long are you going to write songs,but I thought to give you some tips, useful tips to get better results,especially if you are new to songwriting.


I don’t know if you are a composer or a songwriter.If the only thing you do is writing music then you’ve got to find out what is best for you to work on.May be you want to write the melody of a song and afterwards to write the lyrics or the opposite. If you have some lyrics in front of you, you get inspired for composing the appropriate music. If you don’t write the lyrics and you collaborate with someone else, you’ve got to be very careful with the lyrics.They have to be perfect for the specific melody. This makes a huge difference and defines a very good song!


The melodies of your songs must be simple and easy? What do I mean by that? I listen to some songs and there are some parts ,maybe a bridge, that is a whole different theme and it has nothing to do with the main theme of the song. If you try to keep it simple then you have more chances your songs to be memorable to your audience.This sis the main issue here. Simple and easy melodic lines.This is the start of your success.


This is relative with what I told you before.You’ve got to give energy to your chorus. Make a chorus with dynamics,expressions,and the melodic line has to be full of emotions and include all these things that verses are preparing us for. In many songs there is no difference between verse and chorus but they have something unique that makes the difference and that maybe the performance or the lyrics.My personal opinion is to write songs with variety in verses and choruses.


The more you work the more better you get! This is the rule! I wish I had to give you a magic formula for writing best songs with less effort. The rule is simple.You must be consistent and the best results will come! This doesn’t mean that if you have 50 songs written , they are going to be perfect all of them. 10 of them they sure will be! The truth is this: Keep writing beautiful songs all the time.

I hope these tips are useful and I hope keep trying! Leave your comments below and let me know if you have started songwriting and of course if you have made a schedule!

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