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Let’s record YOUR EP together! Invitation to a 1-5 songs challenge

I know you are passionate about music! You like writing songs ,composing music and you love just being in your home studio and spending hours and hours! I know that you don’t have all the time you want to record but who does? I’m sure that you have thoughts like “ I will never have the time to record this song or finish that project”.I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. It’s not like that at all! That’s why I invite you to YOUR’S EP challenge! I invite you to work together for the next three months and create something that you have never thought you could accomplish!

In this three months period ,we’re going to write, do some instrumentations,record,mix and release your first ep.Your EP is going to have 1-5 songs!That’s up to you! It doesn’t matter if you write only one song or you write 5 songs. The issue is to write ,record,mix something that you have never thought you could do it because you don’t have the knowledge or the time to do it! I’m here to prove that we can do more than we can think of with what we’ve got and nothing more!

October will be the songwriting month! Maybe you compose music or making covers of songs!Whatever you do this will be your month! In October we’re going to write as many songs we can.Here’s a tip.The best thing you can do is not rewrite some old songs you may have somewhere hidden. You must write new songs from the beginning!New lyrics new melodies.It depends on the free time you have.You may write only one song.That’s fine.You will work on this one song.The secret to success for better songs is to commit to your self to write everyday.Even if you have ten minutes free to do that,do it! Don’t wait for the inspiration to strike. The inspiration comes while you are working! At the end of the month you may have 1 song written or 10 songs.You will have to decide which songs you are going to use for your EP.I’ll give you many tips on songwriting in October to help you write better and faster.

November will be the instrumentation and recording month! We must have prepared our recording sessions and scheduled everything so we can get things done.This month’s content is going to be on recording (midi and audio) from my home studio working on my personal EP.I will give you some useful tips on recording. For succeeding this challenge you will need a special tool: Collaboration>you must collaborate with other musucians,who are willing to participate and of course you can help them too.That’s why it needs a very good time management to get things done.I will help you on this,with something that I’m working on.

December will be mixing and mastering month! We are going to finish our songs and prepare them for distribution.Our deadline is our EP must be released until 30/12. This month you have to focus and use all your tools you’ve got and all the resources you’ll get free from me exclusively to you,because you are a subscriber to HomeStudioProject. If you want to take advantage of all the benefits and complete this challenge I suggest to sign up for HomeStudioProject’s mailing list. Mixing is a very creative part in producing a song and maybe seems hard to get good results especially if you are just starting out. The only thing that counts is creation. Everything else is just excuses! I will prove toy you that you can achieve anything as long as you want to!

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