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Midi recording:How to record piano with vst instruments

Today we’re going to dive in midi recording. I will talk to you about some techniques that you can use to record a piano with vst instruments, especially if you are not a pianist yourself. Many of my students often ask me to teach them a simply way to record a piano without being a pianist! Yes, you heard me. The answer for that question isn’t one but three. Yes,my friend. I know you aren’t a pianist but you dream this intro of your song with a piano. You want to record a piano but the problem is that you can’t record both hands at the same time as pianist does. No worries! I will show you the way to record your piano and you ‘ll be very amazed once you apply them in your recordings. Let’s start with the first one.

#1: You select from Project menu-Add track – Midi instrument, then you select from Devices menu – Vst instruments (or F11 if you use key commands) and in the Vst instrument tab, you open Halion One and you pick a piano that suits for your recording. Once you have configured the tempo of your song and you have set the metronome or your click track, you are ready to start recording your melody with your right hand. If you think that is too fast for you, you can easily decelerate the tempo so you can record slower.

After recording ,you enter to the midi editor by clicking twice on the midi recording and do some quantize or edit some of the notes( copy, delete,move etc).After that ,staying in the midi editor you are about to record the left hand. You put the locator at the beginning of the project or wherever you want to record and you press the rec button. As you already know the left hand notes must be recorded lower than the melody of your right hand. The result is to have one nice legato piano performance.

Let’s step to example #2. For this example we’re going to use 2 midi instruments. We select from the menu bar Project- Add track –Midi track and we select to create 2 midi tracks from the pop up window. You must assign vst instruments to these two tracks. For that reason you select from Devices menu –Vst instruments – Halion One but this time you’re going to need 2 vst instruments.

At the midi inspector you can rename each of these tracks to PIANO L and PIANO R.As you can see, we going to record each hand individually this time. After recording the notes of your left hand you continue with the melody of your right hand.

#3: You’re going to use only one midi track for this example.

You must configure the Linear record mode on the transport panel.The Linear Record Mode is by default on Normal.You’ve got to change this mode to Merge mode. After creating a midi track and selecting a vst instrument you are now ready to record the notes of the left hand. When you are done ,you just have to recond on the same track the melody of your right hand.Once you record these two recordings will be merged to one.Simple as that!Amazing ah?

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