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Stop the excuses and start today!

So you have just built your simple home studio in your bedroom, in your living room or anywhere else you have a spare room.You have done all your settings for your recordings and everything seems so ideal to get started,but you don’t!

You have a day job, which isn’t actually your dream job but you have this job because she pays your bills! Yes , I know that your 9-5 job isn’t music but as I told you before music can’t pay your bills at least not for now! You have a family or another side job and you have to spend time for all these after your day job. You are determined to work in your home studio in the evenings but at the end of the day you feel so exhausted and the result is…you go to sleep! You can’t work on what you really want because you feel tired or you may think that you are not good enough for arranging and recording your music or you might say “there are too many things I have to learn in home recording, it will take me ages until I record and mix my songs”.

I can hear you and all these thoughts are very reasonable.I’ve been there too,but all these are just EXCUSES.Only excuses!Yes,exactly!Don’t be surprised! As I told you before the only one can hold you back is yourself and only! I will explain what I mean by saying that!Yes,I know that your 9-5 job keeps you away from home and from other activities that you would prefer to do,but I have news for you!You’re not the only one! We all have jobs,family , friends , side jobs and many more things to do during the day.If you still had 24 hours free to record and work in your home studio,believe me, you wouldn’t work that much!We have to prioritize our projects.You have to understand this.We all have at our disposal the same time to work,to sleep, to eat,to play with our kids, to spend time with our friends,and we have to evaluate our time to be more creative.

You have every right to think that you are not good enough to arrange,record,mix your songs.No one is born with so many abilities.We have to study, practice and work to achieve our goals.You are so talented but you have to get started just to find out what you are capable of! You have set up your personal home studio and you are determined to learn and most important to work! Don’t let all these things you have to learn in home recording keeping you back! Procrastination is our worst enemy. You have to stay focus on your goals!You have your home studio set up and your desire to record your songs is your motivation for your dreams come true.

That’s why I’m telling you that all these are excuses. The first thing you have to do is to program your work in home studio.You have to be more specific on the things you are going to do. It’s very normal feeling exhausted at the end of every day and not having the energy for your music. Let’s say you have 2 hours this evening and you decide “11-1 work in home studio”.I’m sorry to tell you this ,but you will do absolutely nothing! You are just going to sit in front of your computer’s screen doing nothing until you fall asleep! Why? Let me explain! As I told you before you have to be specific on what you are going to do in your home studio. If you write down to a piece of paper “11-1 home studio:I will write the chorus of this song and I will record guitar to that song”,then my friend you have a schedule!You motivate yourself to work on something and you will get much closer to your goal,which is to record more and more songs to your home studio! It doesn’t matter if you have 2 hours a day either 2 hours a week for recording in your home studio.The only thing you have to do is to program what you have to do in these 2 hours.In that way,you stay focus and you’ll be more productive.I’m sure that you’d like to have more time in your studio or being a full time musician,but I will prove to you that you can get the best results and you can achieve more than you could ever imagine.

Don’t try to be so hard on yourself.You must compromise that you will achieve the most of your musical goals by taking small steps at a time. Don’t rush things! Recording , editing , mixing your music in your home studio is such a creative and beautiful process and you have to be very patient. You have to practice on everything you learn.You have to practice a lot!This will get your music to a next level.

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