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Procrastination-Our worst enemy

You have made some decisions and you must do “something” with your music. It’s about time to let the world know about you , that you are a songwriter , a composer ,and you want to share your music with them! You keep on thinking about that , but you never start! You always come up with a bunch of excuses and you don’t start doing what you have always dreamed of! You were determined to make a schedule or a to-do list with all these things you have to do,so you can start recording your own songs, but you think it over again and again and you set it back for a better maybe period of your life. “ I have so much work to do and I don’t have the time to record my songs” “It’s a very stressful period for me right now and I don’t feel like recording” “ There are so many things that I have to know for recording, editing , mixing. I will never make it or even better I will record my songs in a decade” “I come back home from work , I have a family ,my kids have outdoor activities and in the evening I’m so exhausted , so I can’t find the energy to sit and record my music” “ How can I start recording without knowing the basics of home studio recording?"

These are a few of many more answers that I get from my students and I say to them only this: “ EXCUSES” . I know that you may have a 9-5 job, a family , other liabilities or even a second job. I’m sure, though, that you often dream of these moments where you can grab your guitar or sit front of your keyboards , or whatever instrument you play and write a song. I’m sure that you have wondered many many times “ What if I give myself a chance just to try. What if a producer or a singer like my songs? Would it be possible?” This is the feeling that motivates you to get started , it’s mixed with determination and nostalgia but it flies away after a second and more “mature” thought

You can call me day dreamer or more romantic to these things , but I understand you! This is why I created HomeStudioProject. I want to help you, to inspire you to create and record. I’m a musician myself ,I write songs since I was 15 years old, I got married when I was 25 and as you can see I know about commitments and liabilities very well. I always had a day job. The last few years I work as a full time musician. I was always trying to come up with some nice excuses for not starting recording my songs, although, it was my biggest dream ever! I was thinking that if I work in my home studio , I won’t have the energy or the inspiration to compose , although ,I was so excited with the whole idea. I felt many times so tired that I couldn’t even grab my guitar to write a song or even a chorus of a song , although , I was passionate with songwriting! I kept saying to myself “Never mind, tomorrow is a new day” . Ah , excuses and nothing more than cheap excuses! We all have been through this phase which ,my friend is called , PROCRASTINATION. Procrastination is one of our worst enemies. It keeps us back doing the things we want to do for ourselves , our job and even our family. The best thing you can do is to start today, now! It will never be the right time to start a side job in your home studio.You will never feel ready to record your songs and share it to the world until you start recording! You will never have so much free time for you to write , to record but you can make some. You have to start today! You won’t be disappointed! Time management and schedule your home studio projects are the keys to accomplish everything you have dreamed of and you think that it’s impossible!

The first thing you have to do is to not allow yourself postpone something for tomorrow if you can do it today. That’s over now! The next step you have to take is to find a spare room in your bedroom, in your living room , where you can build your first, simple home studio. If you don’t have the necessary home studio gear, don’t worry. I have a very interesting blog post coming up “How to build your home studio with under €400”.

When we‘re ready with this part and everything is set up correctly, then you have to evaluate and schedule your free time. What do I mean with that? Let’s say that you have 2 hours free twice a week between 10 and 12 pm. You must set goals on what you are going to do in these 2 hours.If you write to your schedule “10-12pm Home studio” then my friend it’s more likely spending these two hours thinking what to do. We have to be more specific. If you write down to your schedule “10-12pm Home Studio- recording the chorus of this song” then you motivate yourself to that direction. You know exactly what to do during these two hours.

You have to write the chorus of that song that it’s been forgotten in a file into your pc. It doesn’t matter how much time you can spend every week in your home studio, but how you’re going to spend it. You can’t just sit around doing nothing. If you want to try a new vst instrument that you recently purchased, just schedule it! If you don’t, you will waste many hours by doing absolutely nothing. You will be more productive this way!

It’s very important to get ahead of procrastination. Procrastination holds you back from taking big steps to success. You must share your music to the world and not keep it in a drawer or a file in your computer. You have to get over all the doubts that you may have. You are going to make it! You have to think positive! If you are just getting started to your home studio ,you’re going to have many , many questions and difficulties on recording , editing , mixing but don’t let all these hold you back! HomeStudioProject is here to help you! If you already record your songs and you get frustrated and confused when it comes to mixing, no worries! We’re going to get over all these together. I will teach you techniques, and give you tips that will take your music to a next level .All you have to do is to practice every day! I know what you’re thinking right now: “Maybe I’m not good enough. Will I make it? I don’t know if I’m ready.” Let me answer to this with a question “Do you know when you’re going to be ready?” The answer to that is short and simple “NO” You will never be ready to share your music to the world , you will never be ready to perform in front of an audience and you know why?” Because you are not determined to get started!

Procrastination is a habit.A bad habit.No, we’re not lazy , it has to do with a simple fact.We take some things for granted, we don’t take our selves so seriously and we don’t realize what is capable of. Only you can activate your self by saying “Start today,now!” We’re going to talk a lot about a very important chapter called “Productivity” in the future,because it helps you being more focus and productive in your home studio.

Thank you so much for reading this post and being a subscriber to HomeStudioProject.

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