Arrangement is a very important step of a song's production, which is usually skipped. We also use the term programming for recording digital by using a PC. In this chapter we will learn different ways of arrangement, instrumentation according to the song that we are going to record, the instruments' right choice and several ways that will help you to get started!
When we are ready with our recordings and we have edited them, mixing is the next stage of a song's production. A very important and creative process that will take our recordings to the next level. We are going to "explore" this "difficult" area of mixing and understand it. We'll learn the basic principles of mixing that will take your recordings to the next level and prepare your song for the final step, mastering. 
Midi recording is the method that we use our computer and a midi keyboard to play sounds using vsts - virtual instruments or external electronical instruments - such as samplers, synthesizers, drum loops and more and record them in a software called D.A.W. (Digital Audio Workstation). In this section we are going to learn the basics for midi recording and understand the importance of midi recording to the process of recording a song. 
In this section we are going to look in many topics on recording (midi - audio), editing, mixing techniques that will help your creativity and productivity in your home studio. We will develop and answer many many questions that may are the reason of keeping you back and not being so creative. With weekly blog posts in Home Studio Project, with Youtube videos and with our communication, I can ensure you that you will create and record your music in your own home studio. 
Audio recording is the way for recording any acoustic instrument (guitars, bass, drums, vocals) using a computer, an audio interface, a microphone and a D.A.W. We are going to learn the basics for audio recording, how to set up your audio interface, your microphone, your first audio channels in your D.A.W., recording techniques and later on we are going to edit our recordings. 
Review of hardware, software, vst instruments, plug ins and anything that will help you be more creative and productive in your home studio.